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Web Accelerator FAQ:

What is the TOAST.net Web Accelerator?
The TOAST.net Web Accelerator is a program that you install on your computer that uses NOW! Imaging technology to view web pages up to 19x faster. This allows you to browse the Internet at near broadband speeds while maintaining the low cost and convenience of a dial-up connection.
What is NOW! Imaging Technology?
NOW! Imaging technology allows web pages to be instantly accessible, with details filling in gradually. The result is dramatically decreased wait times while browsing...up to 19x faster than standard dial-up!
What are the system requirements?
Windows: 500MHz processor, 64MB RAM, Windows 98 or later
Macintosh: 333MHz processor, 128MB RAM, Mac OS 10.2 or later

What gets accelerated?
Web Pages - Content on normal web pages will be compressed. This allows for more data to be downloaded over your existing connection. Content such as photos, text, and web page code will display significantly faster with acceleration enabled.
What doesn't get accelerated?
  • Streaming video or audio (example: YouTube, Internet Radio)
  • Secure webpages (example: https banking websites)
  • File downloads
Will the Accelerator increase my connection speed?
Compression will allow you to receive up to 19x more data than you normally would over your existing connection. Your connection speed will not change.
How much does it cost?
The Web Accelerator is included with Standard ($12.95) or higher dial-up plans. The Web Accelerator is not included with Basic ($9.95) dial-up.

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