Error 815

Error 815 is a Vista specific error that means "the DSL connection could not be completed." There are a few different reasons this error can appear:

  • A computer attempts to use a DSL connection using Windows PPPoE when PPPoE is not needed. Certain types of DSL circuits do not require a username and password to connect. This is common in areas where Verizon is the main phone line carrier.
    1. Open Internet Explorer, then select Tools, then Internet Options.
    2. Click the Connections tab.
    3. Place a dot next to Never Dial a Connection.
    4. Click OK, then close Internet Explorer.
  • You have a 3rd party router connected to your DSL modem, and you are trying to use a Windows PPPoE connection.
    1. Your router will handle the PPPoE connection. Remove the PPPoE connection from your computer.
    2. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then select Connections.
    3. Make sure Never Dial a Connection is selected, then click OK.

  • A connection can not be established due to poor DSL line quality.
    1. Make sure filters are installed on ALL devices that use regular telephone service. This includes phones, answering machines, fax machines, TV receivers, caller ID boxes, and alarm systems.
    2. Try a different phone jack.
    3. Try using a different phone cord.
    4. Call Technical Support so your DSL line can be checked for trouble.

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