Using Your Online Storage offers free online storage for members to upload photos, videos, or back up files to the Internet. Visit Things to do with your Web Page.

There are two methods to upload files:

Method 1: FTP Wizard (Works only with Internet Explorer in Windows XP and higher).

  1. Run this file: FTP Wizard, then click OK when complete.
  2. You will be shown an icon called Web Space.  You may drag this icon to your desktop, Start menu, or Quick Launch toolbar for easy access
  3. Open the Web Space icon and use it like a drive on your computer.  You can drag and drop files, create directories, delete files, etc. anytime you are connected to the Internet.

Hint:  You can easily access your Web Space if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7.  Go to the Computer icon on the Start menu, and you will see a drive called Web Space.

Method 2: Standard FTP program (use the information below) 

Host or Server Name:
Username: Your email address (without
Password: Your password
Once your files are uploaded, you can access the file from any web browser by typing an address in the format of:< Usernname/<Filename> 
For example: If your username is Batman, and the name of the file you uploaded is "familyvacation.avi", you can access it by browsing to the address:
If you have this file located in a folder called "Videos", you could access it by browsing to the address:

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