MozyPro - How to select files to back up

The File System tab lets you select or deselect drives, folders, or files to back up. This method differs from selecting backup sets because instead of searching for a file type, you specify the individual files or folders to include in the back up. Any files selected on either Backup Sets or File System are shown as selected in both places. Likewise, deselecting a file in either place also deselects it in the other.

  1.  Right-click the MozyPro icon Mozy Tray Icon
     in your system tray, then select Settings.
  2.  Select More Settings, then click Backup Sets.
  3.  Click File System. Your File System is displayed in the left pane and individual files in any folder are displayed in the right pane. An encrypted file name is displayed as a different color than the rest of your files.
    Figure 1. File System Tab 
    File System
  4.  If MozyPro can backup drives other than the C: drive, you can select files from a separate named drive, such as a data partition, a second internal drive, or an external drive. This cannot be a USB or flash drive.Only a server license for MozyPro can back up a network drive. If you have a server license, you can right-click any item in the left pane and select Add network share to add files from your network shares for backup.
  5.  Select the folders you want to back up. When you select a folder, all its subfolders are selected as well.
  6.  Select or deselect individual files in the right pane that you want to include or exclude from the backup.
  7.  When you have finished changing settings, click OK. Your settings are saved and the Settings window closes.
    Note: You do not need to be logged in to Windows to back up. However, your computer must be turned on, not in sleep or hibernation mode, and must be connected to the Internet.
None of the steps above disengage the feature that automatically marks subsequently created files in selected folders. You can hover your mouse pointer over a folder to reveal a tooltip explaining how it is treated during a backup.

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