Using the Accelerator with High Speed Wireless

Using the Accelerator with High Speed Wireless


With our High Speed Wireless service the data usage is of paramount importance, it determines what data plan each customer fits on and impacts daily use of our service. has done some testing with our Accelerator and have found that based on our testing an average of 25.5% savings on data usage has been found. This is a significant amount of data and believes will greatly increase satisfaction with our High Speed Wireless service.

This article will give instructions to install the software and give examples of what you can expect using our Accelerator.


In order to install the Accelerator please visit:

*NOTE* The Web Accelerator is currently incompatible with Firefox 15 and higher, and Internet Explorer 10.

The Web Accelerator is not natively supported by Windows 8, but this work-around will allow it to run.


Once installed you will see the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen by the clock.

When you hover over the icon it will tell you if it is activated or deactivated.

Once activated you will notice that pictures will appear more pixelated, this is normal and is the image compression working as intended.

Some examples of the image difference:

With accelerator:    Without accelerator:

The average speed of the connection will also be a small amount slower, although still far superior to dial up connections.

If you want to see the difference between the two speeds you can easily deactivate the accelerator by right clicking on the icon and selecting Disable Accelerator.

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