Legacy Hosting Personal and Nickel Plans - POP3 Only

Hosting Personal and Nickel Plans have been discontinued and now offer limited technical support. Please consider converting to one of our new Hosting Plans available at:

TOAST.net's Hosting Personal and Hosting Nickel Web Hosting plans have configuration free email access available at http://www.toast.net/mail. If you wish to set up your account to use an email program, note that these accounts support POP3 access only. Therefore, anytime a step is mentioned to use IMAP, simply choose POP3 instead.

IMAP email offers several benefits over POP3, and is available on Hosting Bronze plans and higher. You can upgrade your account by logging into My Account at https://myaccount.toast.net and select the Update My Account option.

For more information on the differences between POP3 and IMAP, click here.

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