Backup Sets in MozyPro


Backup Sets in MozyPro

The Backup Sets tab in MozyPro is one of the two tabs dedicated to selecting files to backup to the MozyPro server.

Due to the sensitive nature of businesses does not recommend the use of Backup Sets and instead recommends using the File System tab. Please click here to review the File System Tab knowledge base article.
  1. In order to get to this tab, you will need to double click on the MozyPro icon in your taskbar:

  2. Once you double click on this icon you will see a new window pop up:


  3. From this window you will see the specifics of how many files are backed up, the next scheduled backup and a manual backup button. Click on ‘settings’ to bring up the inner workings of the MozyPro system.

  4. Please click ‘Backup Sets’ to bring you to the proper tab.

  5. From here you can see there are numerous backup sets, essentially what MozyPro does is looks for file extensions and file types that match the various sets listed here and then groups them together for easy backups.


  6. In order to select a Backup Set for backup to MozyPro servers, simply click on the box next to the Backup Set:


  7. MozyPro will begin selecting all files that meet the criteria of that Backup Set and back it up to MozyPro servers. Once you have the Backup Sets you want backed up selected, simply hit OK and it will go back to this screen:


  8. If you want to force a new backup you can by selecting Start Backup, alternatively you can simply wait for the next scheduled backup and MozyPro will begin backing up the new files as instructed.


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