Zoom X5 DSL Modem Setup

Before you begin...

  • Below is a front and back view of the Zoom X5. Be certain that the Ethernet cable, phone cable, and power cable are connected properly before continuing setup.
  • The ADSL light will become solid green when the DSL connection is active.
  • LAN lights will become solid green when a computer is turned on and connected to the specified Ethernet port.

Configuring the X5

  1. Open a web browser, enter into the address bar and press the Enter key. When prompted, type the username and password as follows:
    Username -- admin
    Password -- zoomadsl
  2. Within Basic Setup, enter the following information on the screen:
    Protocol -- PPPoE
    Encapsulation -- LLC
    VPI -- 0
    VCI -- 35
    Username -- DSL username
    Password -- DSL password
  3. Click the Save Changes button. You will see the screen blink.
  4. Click the Write Settings to Flash button.
  5. Close Internet Explorer or click the Home button to begin surfing the Internet.

Advanced: Changing to Bridged mode
Use this option when it becomes necessary to disable the router capability of this device. Click here for specific instructions.