Westell A90/B90 Configuration - PPPoE

Lights Status
Power Solid Green- Normal
Ready Dark - No Phone Line Detected
Flashing - No DSL Signal Detected
Solid Green - Normal
Solid/Flashing Green - Normal
USB Dark - Normal

Before you begin: Log into My Account and select Setup to obtain the modem settings specific to your DSL service area.

  • Configure for a PPPoE connection
    Open a web browser and enter (or click) the address sensitive). Enter the information as indicated, then click the Save and Restart Connection button.

  • Go to (or click) the address sensitive) and make sure the DCHP Server Enable button is checked. If it is not, place a checkmark in the box and click the Save Changes button.

  • OPTIONAL: PPPoE mode on this modem will enable the built in firewall. Some Internet applications require ports to be opened on the firewall to operate correctly. If you need to adjust port settings on your modem, go to the address (or click) sensitive) and either choose the application from the drop down menu (as shown), or enter ports manually with the Define Custom Service button

  • Restart your DSL modem when complete.