Error 680: No Dialtone

This article will provide steps to resolve no dialtone errors. This error is usually caused by a physical disconnection between the computer and the phone jack. Follow the steps here to help determine the cause and resolve your issue.

  1. Restart the computer and ensure phone cable is inserted into the jack on your modem marked "Line". (Some modems also have a jack marked "Phone". Avoid using this jack.)
  2. Make sure there is dial tone on the phone jack. This can be done by connecting a telephone line from the walljack to a telephone.
  3. Ensure the dial-up connection is using the correct modem.
    • Double click the Dialer.
    • Click Options then the Modem tab.
    • Select an alternative modem if one is listed.
    • Click OK.
  4. Remove all devices between the modem and the computer, going directly into the wall jack from the computer.
  5. Have there been storms in the area or if loss of electric power recently? This is an indicator that there may have a power surge in home, potentially damaging the modem.
  6. If the modem still does not dial in, it is likely damaged and needs to be replaced.  Suggest having the PC serviced.