Transfer Settings to a New Computer

Back up and restore settings and email to a different PC.

This article explains how to back up and restore your dial-up settings, favorites, and your Outlook Express/Windows Mail settings (optional). This is useful if you've purchased a new computer or you need to format your existing computer. 

STEP 1: Back up your Outlook Express/Windows Mail email configuration.

If you use Outlook Express or Windows Mail to view your email, you most likely have an address book set up. You can export and save this address book by doing the following. (Note: If you retrieve your email using the Webmail, this step is not necessary-skip to Step 2).

Save your Address Book

  1. Click the Start button, choose Find or Search then Files or Folders.
  2. Type the following in the named field: *.wab Make sure Look In: is set to C:. Click Find Now or Search.
  3. Once windows is finished searching there will be one or more files listed in the window below, depending on how many email boxes you have. Right-click on the one you use and select copy.
  4. Paste the file to a CD or floppy.
  5. After you are done copying the file close the window.

Save your Messages

Note: If you are using POP email access, you will need to create a new IMAP mail account in your email client, click here for setup instructions. uses an IMAP email system. This means your email is automatically stored on's mail server rather than locally on your computer, so it would not need to be transferred to your new computer. If you have email you'd like to save in any "Local Folders" on your email program, you'll want to move the messages to your "Online" folders. You can accomplish this by doing the following:
  1. In Outlook Express/Windows Mail, locate the email you wish to transfer under "Local Folders" on your folder list.
  2. Right click on the message(s), and then select Move To Folder on the menu.
  3. A list of available folders will appear. Underneath the listing for, you'll see your "online" email folders. Select one of these folders, and then click OK. Note may also create a new folder to store your mail by actually clicking on mail.toast.netand then clicking the New Folder button.
  4. When complete, your email will be stored on's mail server.

STEP 2: Back up your Internet Explorer favorites.

This will allow you to keep your favorites list and transfer it to your new computer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Press ALT-F on your keyboard and choose Import and Export from the menu.
  3. Click Next on the introduction screen.
  4. Choose Export Favorites and then click Next.
  5. Click Next on the "Export Favorite Source Folder" screen.
  6. Click the Browse button and where it says Save In: select your CD or floppy from the drop down list. Then click Next andFinish.

STEP 3. Download Setup Wizard

This step lets you obtain a copy of the Setup Software so your new computer can be configured automatically.

  1. Save the setup program by right clicking the following: DOWNLOAD NOW , then select Save As.
  2. Select to save to a disk or CD for use later.

Step 4. Run the Setup Wizard

  1. When you have the formatted/new computer ready, insert the disk/CD that you created from the previous steps.
  2. Go to My Computer, and then double click on your disk/CD drive icon.
  3. Locate SETUP.EXE and double click on it to run the Setup.

STEP 5: Restore your email configuration.

Do this step only if you use Outlook Express or Windows Mail to view your email. (Note: If you retrieve your email using Webmail, this step is not necessary- skip to Step 6).

  1. Run Email Setup Wizard
  2. Open Outlook Express or Windows Mail.
  3. On the folder list, you will see a listing for Click on it and you will be prompted to synchronize your folders. Follow the prompts to synchronize and retrieve your email.
  4. Click on File and choose Import and then Address Book.
  5. On the screen in the field labeled Look In: select the CD or disk from the drop down list, and then select the file that has your address book.
  6. Click Open and follow the prompts to restore your address book.

STEP 6: Restore your favorites.

  1. Within Internet Explorer, press ALT-F on your keyboard, and then select Import and Export from the menu.
  2. Click NEXT, and then choose Import Favorites and then click Next again.
  3. Check the option for Import from a file or address and then click Browse.
  4. On the screen in the field labeled Look In/Save In: select the CD or disk from the previous steps.
  5. Locate the file that has your favorites and click Save.
  6. Follow the Next prompts, and then Finish to import your old favorites.

Your settings should now be transferred to your new computer.