Increasing your line quality

Poor line quality is the cause of many connection problems, including stalling, disconnections, slow connections, and multiple-attempt connections. The following tips may increase your line quality and correct connection difficulties:

  • Check the voice quality. Is there static, humming, popping sounds, or distortion on the line when you listen through a handset on the line? If so, have your telephone company's customer service check the line for trouble and correct the line noise.
  • Remove all devices. Other devices on the line, such as splitters, extensions, fax machines, some cordless phones, surge protectors, and answering machines can cause line quality problems. Remove all devices and try the connection again.
  • Check your wiring. Use shorter phone cables and swap out the line with a new one to guarantee the line is free of damage. Click here for more advanced tips.
  • Get a direct line. Are you connecting through a hotel or office phone system where you need to dial a 9 to get an outside line? Dialing through a phone system hinders your modem's ability to get connected at high speeds. Get a direct line out if possible to avoid line quality problems.
  • Contact your telephone company. Even if there is no noise on the line, there may still be an issue with the phone signal between your location and the central office. Your telephone company can test the line to see if any problems exist.

Other tips

Some modems experience extreme difficulty when connecting on a line with poor signal quality. Here are some recommendations for your modem that may help:

  • Update modem firmware. Search the Internet or your computer manufacturer's web site for updated modem drivers.
  • Add commas. This simple solution can help correct modem connection difficulties in some cases. Simply add three commas to the front of the number in your connection and try connecting.
  • Try a different modem. We have found that modems made by Lucent, Agere, Zoom, or USRobotics handle poor line quality better than most others.
  • Advanced troubleshooting can be found by clicking here.