Editing Your Site with Concrete5

Start Editing Your Site

  1. Go to your website
  2. At the bottom of your web page, select "Sign in to edit this site" or go directly to www.yourdomain.com/index.php/login
  3. Enter your username/password:
  4. At the top you will see:
    • Edit Page: Allows you to edit the content, move the information around, change general settings of the web page
    • Add Page: Adds a page to the top navigation bar
    • Dashboard: Website Management tools
    • Help: Links into http://concrete5.org for assistance
    • Sign Out: Exit edit mode
  5. Select "Edit Page" from the top menu bar.  Each editable block will appear with a red dashed box around it.
  6. Hover over the box you want to edit, left click and select "Edit" from the popup box.
  7. Edit your block with the editing icons/tools and select "Update" at the bottom right of the edit window to save your changes. 
  8. When all edits are complete on your web page, select "Exit Edit Mode" at the top menu bar.
  9. Select "Publish My Edits" to make your changes visible on your site.
  10. From your navigation menu select another web page for editing and repeat steps 5-9 until all changes have been made.
  11. Select "Sign Out" from the top menu bar when all website changes have been made.