Error 678 When Making A Dial-up Connection


Generally this error is caused by dialing the number incorrectly or poor phone quality. It can also be caused by improper phone number settings (need to dial area code, extra characters added to the number, etc).


  1. Verify the number is being dialed correctly. Does the area code have to be dialed? Are extra characters added to the number? If using the Dialer, you can see how the number is being dialed under the Properties button.  For example:

  2. See if you can find a pattern or something in the environment that is causing the issue (call waiting calls, new phone equipment, overly long phone cord, phone splitter, surge protector, moved computer to new jack, etc).  For more information on cleaning up your phone line quality, refer to:  Increasing Your Line Quality

  3. Is this a new computer or modem? The modem may not work as well as their previous one. Try adding a stabilization string:  Modem Initialization Strings

  4. Try another access number if available.