Push Mail With BlackBerry Smartphone

Configure your BlackBerry with true push email.  With push mail, multiple email folders can be configured to push messages into the BlackBerry's inbox.  Also, messages composed on a BlackBerry will be sent off TOAST.net's mail server rather than having the BlackBerry email service deliver the mail.

System Requirements
  • Blackberry
  • TOAST.net Corporate Email and/or a Sub Account (not including accounts powered by Google)


  1. Delete any profiles/accounts on the BlackBerry for any Corp. Email or sub account mailboxes. See the device's online help or documentation for detailed instructions.  Recreating the email profile is required to trigger push mail with BIS (Blackberry Internet Service).
  2. Add your mailbox to your BlackBerry smartphone using the full email address and password for login credentials.  For detailed instructions on how to add an email account to a Blackberry smartphone, see the device's online help or documentation.  After the account is added, do not edit it.  This includes signatures, name settings, advanced options, etc.  Changes can be made after push mail for the BlackBerry is successfully configured.
  3. Almost immediately after adding the account to the device it should receive an "Email activation information" message.  Then, after a few minutes, the device will receive an "Email activation information (push mail)" message.  Once the second message is received the device is successfully configured for push mail.
Configuring Folders Pushed to BlackBerry In WorldClient
Filters in WorldClient can be setup to direct messages to different folders.  These folders can then be configured to push new mail to your BlackBerry.
  1. Open WorldClient and click Options
  2. Click Folders
  3. Under Push to Blackberry check all the folders you want to push to your BlackBerry
  4. Click Save