Add/Remove Mailboxes and Change Passwords

Domain Administrators can add, remove, and edit mailboxes and passwords for their domain. You need to sign in with an email account that has administrator privileges.

  1. Login to SmarterMail using the Start Page:

  2. Choose Settings from the left menu bar to view the users in your domain.

  3. On the left, expand the Domain Settings folder and choose Users.

  4. On the right, you'll see several buttons:

    • Use the New button to create a new mailbox.

    • Use the Edit button to change settings on an existing mailbox. Check mark the account you wish to change and click the Edit button.

      • ​From here user passwords in Smartermail can be changed.

    • Use the Delete button remove existing accounts.

 For additional instructions please choose Help on the top right of the screen.