Receive error "Security Certificate Has Expired"

The error "The Security Certificate has Expired" means that you are trying to view a secure website (such as email, banking, investments, etc), but the certificate that was assigned to the website is out of date, so you can not proceed.

This error is usually caused by one of three problems:
  1. The time and date on your computer are not set correctly:
    • Verify that your time and date are set correctly.  Double-click on the Clock to set the correct information.
  2. Bad saved certificate:
    • If the problem is only happening on one website, you may have a bad saved certificate.  In Internet Explorer, you can remove certificates from particular websites by going to Tools/Internet Options, then under the Content Tab, click the Certificates button.
  3. Try another web browser
    • There may be a problem with the way your web browser handles https: websites.  Old web browsers (Internet Explorer 5, Firefox 1.x, etc) may experience issues like this.  Upgrade your web browser to the latest version.