Set up iPhone or iPad (IMAP Email)

This article will help you configure your iPhone or iPad for SmarterMail email. It uses IMAP technology to sync messages, folders, and notes. At the end, there's a link to an article for syncing contacts and calendars also.
Follow these steps to set up your device for email and notes:
1. On your iPhone or iPad's home screen, tap the Settings button.
2. Scroll down and tap Mail then Accounts 
3. Tap Add Account, followed by Add Mail Account, and then choose Other at the bottom of the list.
4. Select Add Mail Account and type your Name, Email address, Password. Tap Next.
5. If you don't know the Server Hostname, get it now from the Email Setup Wizard. Make sure IMAP is selected as shown and enter your info.
6. Tap Next to verify your account.
7. On the IMAP screen, leave Mail & Notes enabled (green) and tap Save.
8. To check messages, return to the home screen and tap Mail. It may take a few minutes for the initial sync.