Start Page - Setup for Google Workspace for Business Users

- Your Business Start Page!


Want to save time and be more productive?  Customize your Business Start Page and integrate your G Suite account into one convenient and powerful website.

1. Create a Start Page Profile 

Your Start Page Profile will allow you to save your customized settings.  Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the Start Page, and then create a Profile by selecting Click Here under "Don't have a Profile?".  When creating the profile, use the same password as your email address.

2. Setup Your Start Page

Click the Settings link on the upper right corner to setup your customized Start Page:

  1. Select Mail on the menu to configure your mailbox:
    • If you have a G Suite mailbox, checkmark This is a Google Apps account.  If you have a Corporate or SmarterMail mailbox, make sure the box is unchecked.
    • Google Apps For Business mailboxes may also make adjustments to increase performance on slow connections.
    • Click Save after making any adjustments.
  2. Select Layout on the menu to configure the look of your Start Page:
    • You may drag Start Page Apps such as Calendar, Weather, and News into columns so they will display the way you wish.
    • If you do not wish to see a particular Start Page App, drag it to the Do Not Display column.
    • You may also adjust the color of the Start Page to your liking.
    • Click Save after making adjustments.
  3. Select Weather & News on the menu to configure your preferences:
    • Enter your zip code to get weather specific to your location.
    • Choose your favorite topic for customized news reports, then choose the number of headlines you wish to see at once.
    • Does your favorite website offer an RSS Feed for updates?  Enter the RSS address and it will also display on your Start Page.
    • Click Save after making adjustments.

3. Use Your Start Page

Once configured, everything you need is presented as soon as you open your web browser. Fast, easy, and convenient!  Use the Apps Bar in the upper left corner of the Start Page:


  • Mail - Instant access to your email from any Internet connection.
  • Calendar - Set your meetings, events, and occasions in one central location.  Display your upcoming events on your Start page, then synchronize your calendar with your smart phone.
  • Documents - Why purchase Office software, go through the hassle of installing it and keeping it updated, and then bother with time consuming backups? Apps provides you with a fully functional word processor, spread sheet, and presentation tools.  Document collaboration means you don't have to email documents back and forth- just share the document with anyone you wish and it instantly becomes available to them.  Collaboration means several people can work on a document simultaneously and it will be updated in real time! Apps can save you time and money by making information creation and sharing instantaneous.
  • Sites - Easily navigate to your company's Intranet sites with a single click.


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