Start Page - Setup for Google Workspace for Business Users

 - Your Business Start Page!

Want to save time and be more productive?  Customize your Business Start Page and integrate your G Suite account into one convenient and powerful website.

1. Signing into the Start Page

Your Start Page Profile will allow you to save your customized settings. Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the Start Page. If you have a mailbox use the SmarterMail sign-in if you have a SmarterMail email address, if you have a Google account/Google Workspace account Sign in with Google. 

2. Setup Your Start Page

Click the Settings link on the upper right corner to personalize your Start Page:


Select and modify features to fit your needs:

  • Profile: Choose a nickname to display results in's many games and contests. You can also choose to be notified of new contests via email.
  • Layout: Want your news and weather to be the first thing you see? Drag them to the top of the screen. Is there something you don't like? Drag it to "Do Not Display." Is your favorite color green? Select a new color theme. The Start Page is yours to design.
  • Finances: Track your stocks and add links to your favorite financial sites.
  • FavoritesBookmark a list of favorite websites that are accessible from any Internet connection.
  • News & Weather: Get up-to-the-minute news and local weather presented to you as soon as you log in. Choose your preferred news and weather outlets. Have a favorite news site that we don't have listed? Enter the site's RSS feed address and its headlines will appear.

3. Google Workspace Additional Features

For Google Workspace accounts take advantage of all of Google's applications right from the Start Page. Once signed in, at the top right of the page will be all the applications you can use.


  • Mail - Instant access to your email from any Internet connection.
  • Calendar - Set your meetings, events, and occasions in one central location.  Display your upcoming events on your Start page, then synchronize your calendar with your smartphone.
  • Drive - Utilize the Power of Google Cloud to store and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Sites - Easily navigate to your company's Intranet sites with a single click.
  • Apps - See the full suite of applications available to you.