Netopia 2241 - Bridged Mode

The Netopia 2241 can be configured for use with a 3rd party router (Linksys, DLink, etc) to add wireless access or multiple computer support.  Since the Netopia 2241 has a router built in, it will need to be disabled.

WARNING: The web interface on the Netopia 2241 will become in accessible after performing the following.  If you wish to make any setting changes after changing to bridge mode, you will have to reset the modem using the Reset button on the back panel.

Configuring the Netopia 2241 for Bridge Mode

  • Browse to
  • On the left menu, enter Expert Mode, click Configure, then Connection.
  • The following settings should be configured:
    • VPI: 0 (Users with Embarq phone service should use 8)
    • VCI: 35
    • Protocol: Bridged Ethernet
    • Bridge Type:  Bridge
    • UPnP:  Unchecked
  • Click the Save Changes button. You may get a "Page can not be displayed" error message when complete.

Any Internet traffic will now pass directly through your Netopia 2241 and will be processed by your router.