Netopia 2241 - Routed DHCP Mode

Some phone companies do not use PPPoE to establish a DSL connection.  These instructions will allow you to turn off PPPoE on a Netopia 2241, but still leave the router and firewall intact.

Before you begin...

Below is a front and back view of the Netopia 2241. Be certain that the Ethernet cable, phone cable, and power cable are connected properly before continuing setup.

Front Panel - Lights

  • Power: Solid green when powered on.
  • Ethernet: Will blink green when an Ethernet cable is plugged into the modem.
  • USB: Not used.
  • DSL: Solid green when DSL signal is detected, blinks or goes dark when no signal detected.
  • Internet: Green when Internet connection is established, red if the username/password in the modem is not being accepted.

Rear Panel Ports

  • DSL: Plug in an unfiltered phone cord.
  • USB: Not used.
  • Ethernet: Plug in an Ethernet cable.
  • Power: Plug in the supplied AC Adaptor.
  • Off/On: Turn DSL modem power off/on.

Configuring the Netopia 2241

  • Browse to
  • On the left menu, enter Expert Mode, click Configure, then Connection.
  • The following settings should be configured (leave any other settings default):
    • VPI: 0 (Users with Embarq phone service should use 8)
    • VCI: 35
    • Protocol: Bridged Ethernet
    • Bridge Type: Routed Bridge 
    • UPnP: Checked
  • Click the Save Changes button. If the connection is successful, a Connection Information page will be displayed. screenshot

Advanced Settings

Diagnostics: screenshot

  • On the left menu, click Diagnostics.
  • The Run Full Diagnostics button will give a full test of your DSL modem connection.
  • Three additional tools are provided to troubleshoot your connection:
    • Web Address: Use to test modem's ability to contact web addresses.
    • NS Lookup: Use to test for DNS issues.
    • Trace Route: Use to test for routing issues.

Remote Access: screenshot

  • You can enable remote access to allow a technician to access your modem for troubleshooting or configuration. On the left menu, click Remote Access.
  • Enter a remote access password if desired, then click the Enable button.
  • Note the URL listed on the screen. This is the address you will need to use in a web browser to access the modem.

Using With a Router:

If you wish to use your own router, you will want to disable the router built into the Netopia 2241. Click here for information on setting the modem to bridge mode.