Zyxel - DSL Modem Setup

Zyxel DSL modems are shipped preconfigured and do not have any user adjustable settings.  These modems are managed by the DSL provider, so any changes will require you to contact TOAST.net Customer Service.

Your Zyxel modem kit will include the modem, power supply, 1 ethernet cable, a set of DSL filters, installation instructions, and if it is a wireless modem- a wireless password.

Model 660R

Solid: Functioning properly
Blinking: Rebooting
Off: Not receiving power

Blinking: Passing Ethernet traffic

Blinking: Trying to obtain DSL signal
Solid:  Locked on to a DSL signal

Blinking: Passing Internet traffic
Dark:  No Internet connection is present 

Model 660HW - Wireless

On: Functioning properly
Blinking: Rebooting
Off: Not receiving power

On : Successful Ethernet connection
Flashing : Passing Ethernet data
Off : No Ethernet connection detected

Blinking: Passing wireless traffic

Green Solid: Locked on to a DSL signal- not connected to Internet
Green Blinking (Slow): Initializing the DSL line
Green Blinking (Fast): Attempting to connect to Internet
Orange Blinking:  Connected to Internet
Off: No DSL Signal detected