Adding a PDF file to a concrete website

How to add a PDF file to concrete website


  1. Log into your website and go to the page that you want to edit.
  2. Put your page in edit mode.  
  3. Mouse over the block of text you want to edit and left select "Edit" in the menu.
  4. Add and/or Select the text that you want to link to the pdf file
  5. Select "Add File" at the top of the editor
  6. A new window will appear and you want to select the "Browse" button at the top.
  7. Find the pdf file on your local machine and select the file name 
  8. Select "Open" in the file manager.
  9. The new file will appear in the Concrete File manager.
  10. Hover over the pdf image, left click your mouse and select "Choose" from the menu.
  11. The text you selected in step 4 is now linked to the pdf file you chose in step 10.