Blocked Email Attachments

The following file extensions are not able to be sent or received on's email systems:

"ade", "adp", "bat", "chm", "cmd", "com", "cpl", "dll", "exe",
"hta", "ins", "isp", "jse", "lib", "mde", "msc", "msp",
"mst", "pif", "scr", "sct", "shb", "sys", "vb", "vbe",
"vbs", "vxd", "wsc", "wsf", "wsh"

Attachments ending with these extensions will give a "blocked" or "not permitted" error message upon sending. There are two options for getting around this:

  1. Change the name of the attachment extension:  For example, instead of sending a .exe file, change it to .ex1.  Then in the email, request that the recipient change the file extension back to .exe.
  2. Send a link to the file rather than send it as an attachment:  You can place the file on your Web Space or Hosted Web Site and email a link to the file do the recipient can download it directly.