Motorola Wireless 3347 - DSL Modem Setup

Before you begin...

Below is a front and back view of the Netopia 3347. Be certain that the Ethernet cable, phone cable, and power cable are connected properly before continuing setup.

Front of Motorola 3347 DSL Modem

Front Panel - Lights

  • Wireless: Blinks green when transmitting.
  • Ethernet 1 - 4: Blinks green when Ethernet is connected.
  • Internet: Green when DSL signal is detected, Red if Internet connection is not completing.
  • DSL: Solid green if signal is detected, flashing or dark if no signal detected.
  • Power: Solid green when powered on.
Rear of Motorola 3347 DSL Modem

Rear Panel Ports

  • DSL: Plug in an unfiltered phone cord.
  • Ethernet 1 - 4: Plug in an Ethernet cable.
  • Power: Plug in the supplied AC Adaptor.
  • Reset: Wipes settings from modem. Use only under direction of Technical Support.
  • Off/On: Turn DSL modem power off/on.

Configuring the Motorola 3347

  • Browse to
  • At the prompt, enter: Username: admin Password: admin (Some earlier models used the Access Code number, found on yellow sticker on bottom of the modem screenshot)
  • On the left menu, click Quickstart.
  • Enter the DSL username and password screenshot
  • Click Connect to the Internet.
Configure Wireless
  • On the left menu, click the Home button, click Basic Mode (if showing) then Wireless.
  • Check Enable Wireless then perform the following: screenshot
    • Click Advanced under Other Wireless Options.
    • Enter Wireless ID (SSID) to name the Wireless Network.
    • Next to Privacy: choose WPA - PSK.
    • Next to Pre Shared Key: Enter the wireless password. It must be at least 8 characters in length.
    • Leave everything else at default and click Submit. 
    • Important: When complete, click the Yellow Triangle in the upper right corner, then click Save and Restart.  screenshot
For assistance with setting up your wireless connection, click here.



  • On the left menu, click Expert Mode, then Yes to confirm. 
  • Click Troubleshoot, then System Status. screenshot
  • On the chart next to DSL, there are two options:
    • Statistics: shows signal quality and status of the DSL signal. screenshot
    • Circuit Configuration: shows DSL line settings. screenshot