Getting Started with Web Presence Builder

Getting Started with Web Presence Builder
This article will help you with starting design of your website using Web Presence Builder.

  1. Log into your Hosting account with your domain name and password at
  2. Launch Web Presence Builder and setup your template by choosing a category, topic and site name that best matches your business.
  3. Go to the Settings tab and fill out the description and keywords fields. Go to the Pages tab and change the description and keywords for each page by selecting a page and then selecting Edit page description and keywords.
  4. Set up your page layout, colors and fonts by selecting the Layout and Style tabs.
  5. Use the Modules tab to enter in your website data.
  6. Select Publish when done.
  7. You can preview your site by following step 1 and then selecting the Websites & Domains tab.  Select the first icon in the icon list to the right of your domain name and a preview window will pop up.
Additional Web Presence Builder information can be found in the user manual.

Video Demo: