Wireless Internet - FAQ

Q: What is TOAST.net Wireless?

A: TOAST.net Wireless is a portable, high-speed Internet connection that uses cellphone towers to provide service. 

Q: What type of user would be interested in TOAST.net Wireless?

A: TOAST.net Wireless is ideal for: 
 - those that travel frequently. 
 - those with dial-up and needing something faster.
 - those that travel seasonally. 
 - those that work outside of their office frequently.

Q: What features are included?

A: Features include a wireless datacard that will wirelessly connect your wifi devices, 5 email accounts, personalized homepage, and free USA based tech support.
Q: What is data usage? 
A: The service plans for the wireless service are based on data usage per month. Anything done on the Internet, such as browsing to a web page, sending an email or watching a YouTube video, will deduct from your data plan allowance. Due to differences in video length, web site content and etc, there is no easy way to measure how much data is used by each activity. Generally, doing more basic activities, like emails and browsing, will use less data than watching video or listening to online radio.
Q: Where can I use the service?

A: Wireless Internet can be used nearly anywhere that cell phone service is available. 

Q: How do I connect to the service?

A: Connecting to the Internet requires a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with WiFi capability. Check with your equipment manufacturer to see if your device supports WiFi.

Q: What are the advantages of Wireless Service?

A: TOAST.net Wireless is completely portable. A small datacard can provide a high-speed Internet connect from any location in our nation-wide coverage area. The datacard connects wirelessly to your laptop or WiFi enabled device, so no cables are needed. Wireless service is usually available in areas where DSL or Cable Internet are not. TOAST.net's Web Accelerator is bundled with your Wireless Service, allowing you to save on data usage and browse the Internet faster than many other wireless providers.

Q: What are the limitations of Wireless Service?

A: As with cell phone service, signal strength may vary from place to place, meaning Internet speeds may be inconsistent. High definition video and video streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video are not compatible with the service.

Q: How do Wireless Plans work?

A: With Wireless, you pay for the amount of data you download instead of a flat fee. Light Internet users will pay less for service, while heavy Internet users pay more. You only pay for the amount of service you use.

Q: How does the Risk Free Guarantee work?

A: TOAST.net is committed to ensure the equipment sold by TOAST.net meets the needs of our customers with a Risk Free period as outlined below:
  • Full Refund within 15 days of purchase (Includes Activation fee, Service charge and Equipment charge) if less than 100MB of data usage on the service.
  • Exchange within 30 days if equipment is determined defective by TOAST.net customer service representative.
  • For all other Returns: If you choose to return equipment for any other reason after 10 days you will need an authorized RMA from TOAST.net Customer Service Representative. 
Refund/Exchange Procedure: 
  1. Receive an RMA from a TOAST.net Customer Service Representative.
  2. Pack the equipment in its original box including all parts and documentation. Full credit may not be issued due to missing parts.
  3. Write the assigned RMA number on the shipping label. 
  4. Ship To:
    TOAST.net Internet Service
    4841 Monroe Street
    Suite 307 Toledo, OH 43623