MiFi 2200 - Check status via admin URL

The power light on your MiFi 2200 card can indicate several things:
-LED not lit: No power to modem 
-LED Blue (Solid): Modem is on and you’re roaming 
-LED Green (Solid): Modem on and fully charged 
-LED Green (Blinking): Modem is in hibernate 
-LED Red (Blinking): Battery is critically low 
-LED Amber (Solid): Charging 
-LED Amber (Blinking): Modem error

The battery on the MiFi 2200 is rated for 4 hours of continuous use.
Additional Information:
Open your browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and manually type in the admin URL at the top address field. 

  • In the upper left corner of the screen you will see a signal meter, with the number of bars representing the amount of signal your card is receiving form the cell tower. Move your card to a position where you get at least two bars for reliable service.
  • In the upper right corner is your battery indicator. The battery is fully charged when the battery icon is fully filled with bars.