iPhone Calendar Will Not Sync with Google Workspace account


When you enter an appointment on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad into the Calendar app, it does not show up in your G Suite calendar.


By default, Apple devices use the "Home" calendar to post appointments. The Home calendar only syncs with Apple's iCloud service.


You need to set the Calendar app to synchronize appointments with your G Suite calendar. You can set this by doing the following:
  1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
  2. Select the Calendar button (may be on the top or the bottom of the screen, depending on your device version).
  3. Select the calendars you wish to sync with. Your G Suite account may be called Exchange, or it may be listed as your domain name (i.e.- mydomain.com).
  4. Click Done when complete. Your appointments should not synchronize with your G Suite calendar.