Port Forwarding on Motorola/Netopia 3347

Note: TOAST.net can not offer any technical assistance on setting up software, hardware, or VPN's with your DSL modem/router. Please refer to your product manufacturer for assistance.

Accessing the router/modem

Open your web browser and go to the address

If prompted for a password, enter:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Once in you will be greeted with a status screen.

In order to change the Pinhole (port forwarding) configuration, we need to get into Expert mode. Click on Expert mode on the lower left corner, and when asked to confirm click Yes.

Once in Expert Mode click on the Configure button located on the top, and the following page will appear.

Click on the Advanced link on the lower part of the page, and it will take you to the advanced configuration menu. 

Then click on Pinholes right under NAT. A list of the current pinholes appear, to add a new Pinhole, click on the Add button.

Fill out the form with the following information:

  • Pinhole Name: A descriptive name of the forwarded service.
  • Protocol Select: Either TCP or UDP depending on the application's specification. Note that if it says Both, you must add two separate Pinhole configurations for each TCP and UDP.
  • External Port Start: The port number for the service.
  • External Port End: The same port number for the service. In the case that the application requires a port range, then you can set this as the ending port in the range.
  • Internal IP Address: The local IP address of the server/computer that's running the desired service.
  • Internal Port: Usually the same service port number as above. This is used if the external ports are different from the internal. 

After filling out all the information, you can click Submit to store the configuration, and proceed to add more pinholes. Once the process is completed you have to click on the yellow Warning icon that appears on the top right, and then click on Save and Restart in order to Save your configuration.