PPPoE Error Codes

A list of common error codes received when establishing a manual PPPoE connection:

Error 676: This is a dial-up error indicating "the line is busy". If this error appears when establishing a PPPoE connection, delete the connection and recreate it.

Error 678: The computer can not send traffic through the DSL modem. Make sure all cables are connected correctly and that the DSL modem is receiving a DSL signal. You will also receive this error if you try to establish a PPPoE connection while connected to a router.

Error 691: The username/password on the connection is incorrect. Make sure the correct username/password for your DSL account is being used.

Error 769: Indicates the network card is not enabled.

Error 721 or 777: Possible outage on ISP side.

Error 815: Usually occurs after upgrading to a new version of Windows and permissions aren't correct, preventing the use of an existing PPPoE connection. Remove the connection and recreate it. If unsuccessful, create the connection from a Windows administrator account.