No "Sync" - DSL Modem Light Blinking, Can't Detect DSL Signal

Your DSL modem will have a light that indicates if a DSL signal is being detected. This light is labeled DSL, Link, Ready, or it may have an icon: . A detailed description of your modem can be found on the Modem Quick Reference Guide.

If your DSL light is blinking please follow these steps:
  1. Ensure your phone line is going directly from the wall jack to the back of your DSL modem and is plugged into the correct port.
    • Your DSL phone cord should NOT go through a filter, it should go directly into the phone jack.
    • If you wish to use a telephone and your DSL modem on the same jack, you can use a "splitter filter", which is included with your DSL kit. Ensure your DSL phone cord is inserted in the "DSL" side of the filter, and your phone is on the "Phone" side of the filter. Example:

  2. Ensure all telephones and devices that use regular phone service have their phone cords plugged into a filter. Your DSL kit should have came with 4 DSL filters. Other than telephones, devices such as answering machines, caller ID boxes, satellite TV receivers, fax machines, PC dial-up modems, and medical monitoring equipment may have a phone cord connected that has to be filtered. 
    • Be sure to plug DSL filters into the wall jack, not the device. Example:

  3. Unplug all phones and devices from the phone jacks other than the modem. Ensure the modem has no filter in between the modem and the jack. Restart the modem/router.
  4. Try using the DSL modem on different phone jacks. Sometimes a bad/corroded phone jack will interfere with the DSL signal. Ensure the jack is getting a dial-tone with a telephone.
  5. Is there a security system installed? Security systems often utilize the phone line, and will require a filter supplied by your alarm company.
  6. Have there been any billing or service changes to your phone line recently? Changes to your phone service may disrupt your DSL service. Contact your phone company if you made a phone change and your DSL service stopped working.
  7. If you have followed these steps and are still unable to get a DSL signal to your modem, please contact Customer Service.