MiFi 2200 - Activate

Follow these steps to activate a Sprint MiFi 2200 mobile hostspot.

  1. Make sure the hotspot is powered on.
  2. Connect to the hotspot over Wi-Fi using your laptop, tablet, iPad, etc.
  3. Open a browser and type in the address bar (this will not work with TOAST.net Accelerator or some Firewall software running).
  4. If you are confronted with the Initial Setup, please click Cancel.

  5. Click OK to confirm the cancellation.

  6. Type the word admin in the login field and click Login (see red box).

  7. Once successfully logged in, the main administration page has a black bar menu at the top: Home / GPS / Password / WiFi / WWAN / Advanced

  8. Hover over WWAN and select Diagnostics (2nd item in drop down).

  9. Click the Reset Modem button (you may have to scroll down to see button).

  10. A window will pop-up and ask for MSL code, enter the 6 digit code (provided by TOAST.net support) and click Continue.

  11. Click OK/RESET all the way through.
  12. The MiFi will reset and reboot, and the MiFi 2200 will go active (be usable) within 5 minutes.
  13. You may need to power cycle (turn off then turn back on) to be fully operational.