Allocate Mailbox Space for Users in Domain

SmarterMail is an advanced email platform that allows you to set the size of each mailbox in the domain. You receive a total amount of storage space that can be allocated to different users as necessary. If you need more mailbox space, log into My Account page to upgrade your hosting plan.
To Change the Size of a Mailbox
  1. Sign into your Smartermail account using your email address and password by going to Business Home Page:
  2. Once signed into your account you will be on the landing page. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the menu options for the mailbox.

  3. Click on the Gear icon, and when you hover over it, it will say Settings. Click on Settings.

  4. Once you are in Settings, click on Users under Domain settings. On this page you will see a list of users as well as total used space and available space on the domain.

  5. Click on the checkbox of the user you want to edit and select Edit.

  6. From here you will see the Mailbox Size Limit. This is by default set to 500 MB. does not recommend setting it at unlimited. Set the mailbox size to whatever you wish and press Save.

You can allocate the storage however you wish up to the maximum allowed for your service plan. Please see this page for more information on your available storage.