Windows 8 Mail

You will need to know your Server Hostname in order to complete the setup. If you do not know your Server Hostname you can obtain it from the Email Setup Wizard.

Windows 8's built in email app can be used to send and receive email from your Smartermail account:

  1. If you're setting up Windows 8 Mail for the first time, when you open the app you'll see the option to "Add your email accounts". Otherwise, simply open the Mail , press the Windows Key + I to open Settings, click on Accounts and Add an Account.

  2. Click on the Other Account (Connect) option.

  3. Simply add in your full email address and password, then click Connect.

  4. This should enter the settings in for you. If the automatic settings do not work, enter the following (For incoming and outgoing enter the Server Hostname obtained from the Email Setup Wizard):

  5. Click Connect

It may take a few seconds but your account should come up and start syncing your mail. Remember, this only works for syncing email, NOT calendars or contacts. If you wish to add these capabilities to your email, consider adding ActiveSync to your account.