Google Plus Features - Select Email Account

This article will give instructions on how to select which Google powered account you wish to use with Google+ Auto Backup. 

The majority of people would have been given instructions to setup a new account rather than use their account. The steps in this article will walk them through adding their account to Google+ and allowing them to enable Google+ Auto Backup

  1. Click on the Google+ icon on your home page.

  2. If you do not see it on the desktop then you will need to go into your Apps drawer to select the Google+ program.

  3. If you still do not see the Google+ application, visit the appropriate application store for your mobile device and install it.

  4. Once inside the Google+ application, click on the red G+ in the upper left hand corner.

  5. Click the arrow pointing downwards above Home and to the right of your email address.

  6. Select your email account.

  7. If you do not see your email address, press the back key on your device, then click on the Menu button of your device, varies by manufacturer, and click Settings.

  8. Then click Add Account. Enter your credentials, or select the proper account to add. Once completed repeat steps 1 through 6.