Tri-Fi - Battery Pull

  In order to remove the battery and reinsert the battery please follow these steps:
  1. Flip the device over so you can read SIERRA WIRELESS normally.

  2. Ensure the Tri-Fi is not plugged into the wall outlet.

  3. Pull down on the raised platform on the back of the Tri-Fi.

  4. Once the back cover is off you will see the battery. You will want to pull up on the bottom of the battery to remove it

  5. Once it is pulled out, wait 10 seconds. 

  6. Line up the 4 gold bars on the battery and the 4 gold prongs on the Tri-Fi and reinsert the battery, ensuring the Sierra Wireless logo is on top and the gold contacts line up with with pins inside the device.

  7. Slide the back panel back on and power on the device.