Creating a MySQL database (Linux Hosting)

Database Manager is available on Hosting plans Silver, Gold and Platinum and is a web based MySQL client that allows you to create and manipulate MySQL databases.
Database Manager is designed for advanced users. Knowledge of relational databases and SQL are required in order to use this Database Manager efficiently. Database Manager is best used for creating databases and tables. For populating a database, you should consider using a script or MySQL-Front.

Steps to setup a MySQL database.
  1. Login to the website control panel at
  2. Select Website Management then Database Manager.
  3. Enter a password, then type it again to confirm it.
  4. Hit Create User. This will automatically assign a user name.
  5. Login with the User account and password. Choose Create, then Database.
  6. Enter a database name. Hit Build Query then Run Query. You should see "OK completed successfully ". The format the system will use is database_domain_com etc.