Web Presence Builder - Uploading and linking newsletters and documents

In order to upload and link a document to the website please follow these steps:
  1. From within a "Text & Images" module add the desired text that will be used for the document link.
  2. Select (or highlight) the desired text and click on the link button.

  3. Click on the circle next to A document on this site.

  4. Click on the bar that says Select a document.

  5. If the document is already uploaded to the server, click on the document and skip to step (8), otherwise click Upload.

  6. A window will open containing a listing of the directories and files that reside on your local computer. Navigate to the document you want to upload, select it, then click Open.
  7. The file will be uploaded to the server.

  8. Once uploaded you will see the document name show up in the Select a document field. From here select if you want it to open in this window or a new window.

  9. Click OK to save the linked text.

  10. Your text will now be linked.
  11. Click Publish.

  12. Once published, refresh your website and ensure that you can view/download the newly linked document.