Business Start Page - Administration

The Business Start Page gives employees access to pertinent company information like news, employees' schedules, company facebook feed and a custom module area. Additional features tailored by each employee include current news and weather, calendar, email and personal finance data.

To get your employees started using the Business Start Page follow the steps below:  


  1. Go to and click on Sign In in the upper right corner. Sign in with an email address that will be used as the administrator account. (The administrator will be able to add company news, add a custom module, change company profile information and maintain an employee access list for the start page.)

  2. Call at 419.292.2200 to activate your administrator privileges. Once activated continue to step #3.

  3. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right.

  4. Click on the Admin tab.

  5. Select the Company Profile link and fill in your company name, facebook link (e.g. if the facebook link to your business page is then enter company-name as your Facebook ID) and logo thumbnail (max size: 150px by 60px).

  6. Tell your employees! Have them login at with their email address at your company domain. They can then click on the Settings icon and tailor their start page with their personal preferences.

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