Move data between Google accounts

This article requires you to have two Google accounts. If you do not have a second Google account see this article for instructions on how to create one: How to create a Google account.


  1. Go to and log in with the account you want to move data from.
  2. Create a folder called MOVE and drag/drop all your documents into this MOVE folder.
  3. Right click on the folder and choose Download.
  4. Unzip the download file to a folder.
  5. Sign out of the Google Account.
  6. Sign into with the account you want to move data to.
  7. Click on New, select Folder Upload.
  8. Select the folder that contains the unzipped files.
  9. Click OK.
If files were shared they will need to be re-shared.
For instructions that don't require downloading / uploading of files see the article here.

Calendar moved your calendars into SmarterMail.  But you can also export multiple calendars from your Google account. Calendars can then be imported one at a time into a new Google account. They can be imported into existing calendar or a new calendar can be created with old name.

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