Transferring Drive To New Google Account

This article will walk you through copying Google Drive Data from your old accounts Google Drive ( to your new accounts Drive (

Option 1:

Using the Chrome browser (required):

  1. Go to and sign in with your account.
  2. Create a folder called MOVE and drag/drop all your documents into this MOVE folder.
  3. Share this folder with your new Google Account (Read or Edit access, doesn't matter)
  4. Sign into your new Google account
  5. Run this app:
  6. Authorize it to make a copy of everything inside this folder
  7. Select the MOVE folder and click OK.  When it's done, you will receive an email confirmation.

All your Drive files are now copied from the old account to your new account.

Option 2:

*This works only if you have 100 MB of data or less in your Google Drive. If your Drive contains more than 100 MB, please follow this article and scroll down to “Drive” instead*
  1. While logged in to your “old” account (, make a new folder in your drive named “transfer” and move everything in the drive to that folder.
  2. Right click on the new “transfer” folder and share with your “new” account (
  3. Log in to your “new” account ( > go to drive > shared with me > right click on the new “transfer” folder that was shared to you and then add to drive.
  4. Open a new Google Sheets.
  5. On the top menu bar, go to add ons > get add ons > search for “copy folder” > then add to Google Sheets.
  6. Go to add ons > copy folder > select by folder > drive > select the “transfer” folder you made in the first step.
  7. Add suffix “copy” then hit copy and wait until the copy process is finished and a spreadsheet opens.
  8. In the spreadsheet, click the link under new folder and then click “open in drive”.
  9. ​The new “transfercopy” folder will be in your drive and you are now the owner of those files.