Unite Pro - Factory reset

Follow these steps to factory reset an AT&T Unite Pro hotspot.


  1. Connect to the Unite Pro via Wi-Fi or USB tether.

  2. Open any browser and navigate to (or http://attunitepro)


  1. Type attadmin in the yellow box, then click ‘Sign In’ button

  1. Click ‘Settings’ on left menu


  1. [note: Network Mode should be set to ‘Auto’, if it isn’t, change it and Submit]

Click ‘Mobile Broadband’ tab

  1. Click on ‘APN’ heading


  1. [factory default has only ‘AT&T Mobile’ profile, the pic above shows the finished steps.]

Type toast for Name in the white box

Type m2m005136.attz for APN in white box

Leave blank Username, leave blank Password, None for Authentication

  1. Click the blue + button to add the new toast APN.

  2. Click the radio button to the left of toast to make it Active.

  3. Unite Pro will now automatically connect and have working Internet.