MiFi 2200 - Update PRL

Follow these steps to update the PRL on a Sprint MiFi 2200 mobile hostspot.
[NOTE: this can only be done with an activated/working device with decent signal strength] 

  1. Make sure the hotspot is powered on.
  2. Connect to the hotspot over Wi-Fi using your laptop, tablet, iPad, etc.
  3. Open a browser and type in the address bar (this will not work with TOAST.net Accelerator or some Firewall software running).
  4. If you are confronted with the Initial Setup, please click Cancel.

  5. Click OK to confirm the cancellation.

  6. Type the word admin in the login field and click Login (see red box).

  7. Once successfully logged in, the main administration page has a black bar menu at the top: Home / GPS / Password / WiFi / WWAN / Advanced

  8. Hover over WWAN and select Configuration (1st item in drop down).

  9. Click the Update PRL button (MiFi must be already online with good signal).

  10. A PRL Update window will pop-up and ask to 'Click the "Start" button to begin', click Start and wait for next window.

  11. Click OK to 'PRL update will now start.' pop-up window.

  12. When the MiFi successfully completes PRL Update, click OK.

  13. If it does not complete successfully this process may need to be run in area with better signal.