Tri-Fi - Update PRL

Follow these steps to UPDATE the PRL on a Sprint Tri-Fi mobile hotspot.
[NOTE: this can only be done with an activated/working device with decent signal strength

  1. Make sure the hotspot is powered on.
  2. Connect to the hotspot over Wi-Fi using your laptop, tablet, iPad, etc.
  3. Open a browser and type http://sprinthotspot in the address bar (doesn't work with Accelerator). Alternatively, go to
  4. Type the word password in the password box and click OK (see red arrow).

  5. At top of screen click on the Advanced Settings button.

  6. Click on the WAN tab, click the left button Update 3G PRL (not the right button 3G Profile).

  7. On the pop-up window click Update Now to begin the PRL update process (this only works if device is active with decent signal).

  8. Wait for the Update in progress... screen to complete. This can take several minutes.

  9. The 'Update complete' screen should eventually appear, click Close.  If "Update Failed', this process may need to be performed in area with better signal.

  10. Navigate to the DeviceAbout tab and check for PRL version: 25054 or 25055.  This version seems to be what TriFi's are getting when updated.