5268AC - Configure To Use 3rd Party Router

If you need to use a separate router, follow these steps to configure a router behind the 5268AC.
  1. Hook up your router to the LAN ports of your gateway and power it on.
  2. Now reboot the gateway.
  3. Once the gateway is up, go to in your browser and go to Settings > Firewall > Applications, Pinholes and DMZ.
  4. Once there, select your router on the list of devices, check the bubble for DMZ+ mode, click save.
  5. Go to your wireless settings and disable the 5268AC's wireless network so that it is no longer active.
  6. Now power off your router and reboot your 5268AC.
Your 5268AC modem has a router built into it for a wireless network.  We do not support non-AT&T provided routers. Please contact the manufacturer of your router for further assistance. 
To extend wireless range, there are 2 recommended methods:
  • Use a range extender -- place it in the middle between the 5268AC and your desired location. It will act as a repeater and boost the wireless signal to reach your desired location.
  • Use a Wireless Access Point -- this requires that you run Ethernet cable from the Access Point to your 5268AC. The Ethernet cable can be up to 300 feet long. You can also continue to use the Wi-Fi on the 5268AC.