DSL-2/Fiber Remote Access

Warning: Only allow trusted Toast.net technician access to your modem!
To allow TOAST.net tech access to your modem follow these steps: 
    1. Open a web browser and go to the address:                                                           
    2. Be sure you enter this address in the Address Bar, not a search bar:
    3.You will be presented with your modem's configuration screen:
    4. Under the status tab, select Remote access.
    5. Enter in the access code that is provided on the modem. 
    6. You will then be presented with the Remote access page and settings. 
            a. The user-name will be preset, but could be different than "tech". 
            b. Set password as "Toast2019". 
            c. Set the port to "5050".
            d. Access type must be "Update Access".
            e. Click the Enable Remote Access button.
    7. Now the modem is in remote access mode. In order for the tech to access the modem they'll need to know the settings exactly as they were setup.
            a. Read the URL as it's listed. 
            b. Provide the username and password for the tech. 
    8. Once the tech is done make sure to "Disable Remote Access".

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