Slow Speeds

These 4 items are very important, is responsible for #2 (the modem connection speed).


Please follow the steps below and contact us with the results.

How to best troubleshoot slow or buffering Internet.
STEP 1 - Power cycle the modem (and PON adapter for fiber connections)
STEP 2 - Run an “isolated” speed test:
Best = [via ethernet cable] using a desktop (or laptop) connected directly to the modem (no 3rd party routers).
Good = [via Wi-Fi on the 5GHz SSID*] using a laptop in the same room as the modem.
OK = [via Wi-Fi on the 2.4GHz SSID**] using a tablet or smartphone in the same room as the modem. The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band does not get speeds as fast as the 5GHz band. 
Very Important!  BEFORE running test, please ensure that you turn OFF/UNPLUG all other Internet devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, Xbox, PlayStation, Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Webcams, TiVo, iPad/iPods, MagicJack, Ooma, Echo Dot, Google Mini, NestCam, etc.)
Also, if you are using 'add-on' networking equipment (ex. 3rd party router or access point/extender) you must turn off/disable those devices and run the test directly from the main modem.
*Only 5GHz Wi-Fi typically achieves full speeds on connections provisioned for 20Mbps or more.
**2.4GHz Wi-Fi Has a longer range, but slower speeds than the 5GHz channel 

TEST method #1 (ONLY APPLIES TO FIBER AND DSL-2 CONNECTIONS): Test the speed directly in the modem's system interface. 
Follow the Knowledge Base Article for performing this test --> DSL-2/Fiber Modem Speed Test - 
Doing the test directly in the modem will give you the most accurate reading of the speeds you are receiving.
Testing this way eliminates the traffic of other devices on the network, and hence is the best way to test. 

TEST method #2: Open browser and go to
The test will run an automatic speed test, then show the results in Mbps.
A good/normal result is anything in the 90%> via ethernet, 75%> via Wi-Fi.
Testing from a cell phone or older desktop/laptop could also LOWER the speed test results.
If the isolated modem test results are good/normal, then...
  • You might need more bandwidth.
  • Too many devices simultaneously being used are maxing out the bandwidth.
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal (distance too far/poor reception) or the connection is maxed out.
Things to help improve Wi-Fi coverage and speeds.