How-To Remove Incorrect Email Addresses From the Auto-Complete List in SmarterMail

The purpose of the article: Provide instructions on how to clear outdated or incorrect Auto-Complete Options.
Auto-complete shows up when composing an email and entering the senders' email addresses. If the address isn't there, when you send an email it will show up the next time you go to send an email to that user. In the event, you enter an incorrect address, this article will show how to resolve that error. This article only pertains to the webmail.
1) Click the settings icon located on the left navigation bar (two gear icons)
2) Locate advanced settings, click on the + icon to open the various settings within advanced settings. Lastly, click on Auto-Complete.

3) In front of you should be your complete auto-complete list. Use the boxes next to the emails and select the emails that are no longer applicable. If there's an address that you for sure want to remove, use the search bar to directly find the problem address. After the problem addresses are selected, choose the delete option to erase them.