Franklin R850 Troubleshoot connection

Franklin R850 mobile hotspot


Power button remains RED while plugged in, GREEN until fully charged.

Display shows:

  • Bars (0-4)
  • LTE
  • Data traffic arrows
  • # of WiFi devices connected
  • Battery strength or charging

Press power button to navigate menu, shows WiFi name and Password.


If a device is connected to R850 (display will show “1” next to battery symbol)

Admin page is  or  http://myhotspot

Without logging in you can see Network Status and Signal bars.


If Network Status is ‘Not activated’, ‘Connecting’, or ‘Disconnected’.

Basic tips

  1. Power cycle device
  2. Try a new location for better signal
  3. Remove back cover and take out battery for 5 seconds

Otherwise, try this, click Settings and login with password of: password


Click on left menu of Mobile Network>Advanced, then Renew Device button.

R850 will reboot (2 minutes) then try to connect.